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Daesoo Hi Tech is a specialized optical material development company with manufacturing technology and application technology of TiO2. – Manufacture of catalyst sol for room temperature coating – Application products with deodorizing, antibacterial, hydrophilic, and antifouling functions


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1. Features – Water droplets from rainwater do not form but flow down, and various pollutants (automobile exhaust, various pollutants, dust, etc.) are washed in water to always maintain a clean status – Securing visibility in rainy weather with excellent hydrophilic effect – Automobile glass, tempered bathroom glass, building exterior materials, can be used in various ways
1. Features – Maintaining Sterilizing/Antibacterial Effect for Long through Photo-catalytic Reaction of TiO2 – Removing Various Bacteria and Viruses – Maintaining Sterilization Effect on Object Surfaces with One Spray 2. Effect 1) Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC 6538, 99.999% Sterilization 2) Escherichia Coli ATCC 10536, 99.999% Sterilization 3) Pseudomonas Aeruginosa ATCC 15442, 99.999% Sterilization 4) Enterococcus Hirae ATCC 10541, 99.999% Sterilization 5) Candida Albicans ATCC 10231, 99.999% Sterilization
1. Product characteristics – Super hydrophilic coating solution to prevent adsorption of various pollutants on the surface of building exterior materials and metals with anti-pollution and anti-discoloration functions – It prevents adsorption of contaminants by forming super hydrophilic coating layer on the surface of equipment. Thus, it removes contaminants by simply washing with rain or water 2. Applicable usage – To prevent pollutants (super hydrophilic property, pollution resistance, discoloration prevention, chemical resistance) – Various metals and construction exterior materials that are easily exposed to pollutants