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CT&S Co. was established in 2015 with a special vision of “the world of clean water”. We use activated carbon fibers with excellent adsorption capacity to produce filters with excellent product performance, and are exporting them to 5 countries, and are doing our best to become a global company.


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  • DEFENSE Vitamin Shower Filter
  • DEFENSE ACF Water Purification Kit
  • DEFENSE ACF Water Filter
Protects skin by removing residual chlorine in water through vitamin-C
Contains natural glycerin and fish collagen to keep skin moist and elastic
Aroma scent helps to relieve stress and improve concentration.
It is an eco-friendly and economical filter that ca be used continuously by replacing only the refill filter.
You can check the remaining amount of the vitamin filter with your eyes, so you know when to replace the filter
Remove rust, impurities, residual chlorine, heavy metal from old water pipes
You can visually check the contamination of the filter.
It is economical by replacing only the refill filter after installation
Water pressure increase
Easy to install
Can be Removed rust, odor, residual chlorine, bacteria, E. coli, heavy metals, etc. with just one ACF filter
No need for electricity and storage tanks and no waste of water
There is little pressure loss during water flow, so even if water pressure is low, large flow rate (6~7ℓ/min) can be passed through.
The flow rate can be adjusted arbitrarily by using a conversion fitting.
Anyone can change the filter quickly and easily with one touch.