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Founded in 2019, we have been exporting skin care cosmetics, hand wash, detergents, cleaners.

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  • Moisture lotion
– For the skin of precious children and family – Be made with the know-how and technology acquired after a long period of research and development. – Effective improvement of atopic dermatitis, Anti-imflammatory, Itching improvement, Soothing effect on dry skin – Sensitive skin protection, Oil-Moisture balance, Skin nourishment – Carefully select and extract ingredients essential and effective to make safe for sensitive and fragile children’s skin.
– As a foam(bubble) pump type that makes hand washing fun and a hand wash with a pleasant powder scent, everyone can use easily and comfortably. – Harmful ingredients such as sulfates, triclosan, parabens, and triethanolamine are excluded, and skin irritation is minimized by containing various natural ingredients.
– Dish soap(Liquid) : 500ml, 1lt, 3lt – Laundry detergent(Liquid) : 1.2lt, 3lt – Laundry detergent(Powder) : 3kg, 5kg – Fabric softener(Liquid) : 1.2lt, 2lt – Washin machine cleaner(Powder) : 160g x 4ea – Drain cleaner(Powder) : 40g x 4ea