Conf LLC is a company that produces fresh and safe food for its customers and seeks the convenience of living.
In order to become a smart food company that pursues customer health and convenience in life, it has entered the market since 2011 with Cafe Potion, which allows visitors to feel the taste and aroma of coffee beans, and now produces various foods such as red ginseng (Hong Cheongchun), health tea (sweet citron, honey jujube, honey ginger), ade (grapefruit, lemon), and pomegranate collagen.
Coenf (U) is in charge of product development of various companies, including famous coffee franchises such as Tom & Toms, Cabebene, Cuffin Gurnaru, and Twosome Place.
We have completed the development of pomegranate collagen products in the first half of 2020 and are supplying them as functional foods to leading domestic companies. We have achieved cumulative production of 10 million units. HACCP and organic processing certification have been secured for quality safety. We are conducting thorough quality control through ISO22000.