Chungmec was established in Gochang, North Jeolla Province on September 2007 under the management philosophy and strategies of “Production management”, which aims to produce products together with farmers by persuading farmers who wanted to give up on farming after FTA; “Regional management”, which aims to share with regional production farmers; and “Well-being management” which aims to provide safe and healthy food products to consumers.
Chungmec is a small agricultural food company specializing in barley and other grains. We produces food products by processing multi-colored barley (black, blue, red and yellow) which are procured through a contract cultivation method and distributes them nationwide. We also make cookies, bread, Barley coffee (K-Coffee), and porridge for diabetics. As a “company which dreams of advancing into the world along with farmers” and a “company that wishes to celebrate its 100th anniversary”, we pursue healthy and safe food products for our consumers. We promise to only provide agricultural products that are produced by the hands of dedicated farmers who tend to each grain with the same kind of great care that they would provide to food grown for their own families.
We ask your continuous support and interest for the future of Chungmec in making its best effort for the development of agriculture and pursuing the 6th industry for sustainable Korea and creative economy.