Bionutrigen company was organized by scientists from Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology located in Daedeok Biovalley in Korea together with scientists from the Seoul National University, Chungnam National University, Kongju National Unversity and Kyongbuk National University. We all hope to enjoy prosperity, health and long life. However, with prolonged life span of 80~110, many adult disease such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, arthritis, and weakened physical strength can threaten our happy life. Bionutrigen company was organized to find ways of helping people who wants to maintain beautiful body line, fatclean slim figure, lovely skin, liver health, healthy circulatory system, youthfulness. Bionutrigen company successfully developed natural liver health food ingredients, fatcleaning food ingredients, and skin beauty food ingredients formulations with natural bioflavonoids, phenolics, minerals, biofibers originated from vegetables, fruits, or herbs. We will continue to develop new technology and products for your health, and wellbeing. Product lines: JBB20: good for liver health Slim&Slim: helps to maintain beautiful skin