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Our company is created by a mastermind in the biohealth industry. We are a global venture company that produces a variety of healthcare products, including dome sauna device using near-infrared and far-infrared rays, for the healthy life of people.


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  • BHD Beautyray Incubator
  • Carbon fiber mat
It is a dome sauna device that uses near-infrared rays and far-infrared rays. Using patented Iilite ceramics, far-infrared heat increases body temperature, improves blood circulation, and uses near-infrared rays to relieve pain, improve immunity, and reduce body fat. when far-infrared rays are radiated to the human body. they penetrate deep into the skin up to 4-5cm deep. which is 80 times the normal heat and make the cells vibrate more than 2,000 times in 60 seconds to vitalize the cellular tissues. At the same time. It is effective in decomposing blood clots and promoting blood circulation by discharging accumulated wastes and toxic suvstances to he outside while releasing thermal energy.

It is a thermal mat made of carbon fiber. Threads thinner than hair, called diamond threads, exhibit more than 10 times stronger tensile strength than iron, making them durable, warm with far-infrared heat emitted from carbon fibers and safe without electric heating. Also, it is light in weight, so it can be folded and stored conveniently.