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Creating values in life through culture and art 100cation discovers local stories and produces them into smart content. Create a local brand light through smart content Connect our daily lives with smart devices. So we create content that preserves and shares the culture and art around us


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  • AR Mission Play App Time Explorer
  • AR Mission Play App Time Explorer
An app service that adds immersive content that allows you to become the main character, solve options and missions along the story, and arrive at the final destination with local attractions or historical sites in the background. The role of preserving and learning the value of the history and culture around us through discovering local stories and producing smart content, and through fun content experiences that add augmented reality (AR) and gamification

With the old city center of Seoul as the background (a famous local tourist destination abroad), the hidden spots, backgrounds, and buildings of the region are produced with coloring, and AR that is provided with convergence culture and art content that combines emotional essay and regional coloring rather than simple coloring Through the app, you can receive a night view design that is difficult to draw with curling, and then proceed with a smart city tour to the destination of the coloring design.