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Website: http://www.i-kaver.com/default/ Sliding Buckle ! The best solution for strap-free shoes! Two-way sliding function KAVER one-touch buckle. It is mainly used in helmets, pants, shoes, hats and beltless pants.

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Items: Cosmetics Website: www.kbidi.or.kr Korea Beauty Industry Development Institude (KBIDI) contributes to strengthen competitiveness of Korean beauty and cosmetic industry through expansion of infrastructure, development of beauty and cosmetic products and training of beauty experts based on decades of experience in the industry. As value oriented consumption and culture is prefered recently, beauty and cosmetic business […]

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Website: https://www.mykuom.com/ Premium handbagFashion handbagPremium accessoryMini handbagCasual handbagPremium goods (Point Strap,wallet,Key Ring etc)



KIRIN COSMETICS have been manufacturing hair and skin care products for 20 years. we are exporting cosmetics more than 10 countries by our own brand and OEM. professionally, we can handle the documents and make cosmetics products. Website: https://kirincos.com Phone Number: 0432381250 Email: kirincos@hanmail.net Items: Ninemila Calming Beer Brewer’s Yeast Hair Loss Shampoo 500ml NINEMILA […]

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Korea Particle Technology Website: http://www.starpheres.com/ Công ty Korea Particle Technology chuyên sản xuất hóa chất, hạt và thành phần viên cho mỹ phẩm. Hãng sản xuất các sản phẩm, bao gồm loạt starphere bao gồm ngọc trai, hạt, chà và kem đánh răng; than hoạt tính; Nhân sâm đỏ; ngọc trai nhũ tương; sao biển; […]

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Korean seaweed brand KCWOORIGIM brings VIPREMIUM products that they are proud of in quality, carefully selected by only pursuing the best selected seaweed directly based on the last standing secret. accumulated since 1990. KCWOORIGIM seaweed keeps the traditional flavor and is produced by the most advanced sanitary equipment and automated process. The flavor of seaweed […]

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K – Sauce

Items: Anchovy & Kimchi rice noodles: Made of 100% Korean rice, Gluten free, no wheat, No trans-FatSpicy beef soup rice noodles: Made of 100% Korean rice, Gluten free, no wheat, No trans-Fat Website: http://ksauce.kr/default/ K-SAUCE is a professional sourcing company well renowned in Korea, dealing with manufacturing, production of sauces for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western […]


Kyeong Cheon Foods Co., Ltd.

Kyeongcheon Food Company is famous for seasoned seaweed, which has produced 3 generations. The quality of Kyeongcheon Food Company is thoroughly controlled from the production of dried seaweed, the raw material of seasoned seaweed to the production of seasoned seaweed. Kyeongcheon Food Company has various certificates; haccp, halal, fssc 22000, sqf, usda, etc. Kyeongcheon Food […]


Kwangheung Maker Trade LC.

“FIT YOU WELL, FIT YOUR LIFE” It is the philosophy of CHORONG, a brand loved for a long time by making good glasses at a reasonable price. CHORONG is a brand created with the 3D printing technology of a small hidden champion in the nationally designated one-person startup support center. Website: https://khmt.co.kr/ Phone Number: 032-473-6688 […]


Kukje Confectionery Co.,Ltd

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Korea. We also have been exporting a full range of products such as Candy, Snack to many countries including South America , South Eastern Asia , Mongolia and Russia. we would supply you with not only the high quality products, the most competitive prices but […]


Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute(KDSDI)

The Korea Disaster and Safety Development Institute aims to contribute to the safe and happy lives of the people by developing and distributing products related to disaster safety that can be easily and usefully used by anyone in real life.In today’s society where materialism and individualism prevail, we will cherish the lives of our neighbors […]


Korea International Trade Association

The Korea International Trade Association(KITA) was established in 1946 with the objective of advancing the Korean economy through trade, and is currently the largest business organization in Korea with over 70,000 member companies. Website: http://www.kita.net Phone number: 1566-5114 Product name: RCEP/FTA Information Booth – Doing Trade with Korea

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Items: blanket Website: http://hanahana.vn/ Hanahana is proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor of blankets, bedspreads, pillows and carpets from Korea. With the aim of bringing high quality products to consumers, we are committed to bringing the highest benefits to domestic and foreign customers. Produced with advanced technology outstanding in 100% cotton material, each product […]

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Items: Tea bag Website: kkotdo.co.kr  

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Item: Functional food Website: www.kongmaeul.co.kr


KBIDI Co.,Ltd.(Korea Beauty Industry Development Institute Co., Ltd.)

Korea Beauty Industry Development Institute Co., Ltd. has grown through the development of the “6th convergence industry business,” which encompasses natural ingredient development, cosmetics manufacturing, beauty education and experience based on the clean resources of Jeju. In the rapidly changing global beauty market, we directly operate a natural products research institute that develops and studies […]



KOTRA is affiliated with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, established to contribute to the development of the national economy by providing trade promotion, support for investment and industrial technology cooperation between domestic and foreign companies, support for attracting foreign experts, and intergovernmental export contracts. Website: https://www.kotra.or.kr Phone number: 0348078988 – PARK HYEYEON Email: […]

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Items: Soy Sauce, Barley Noodle Website: http://www.kongsaemi.com/


Kyung Jin Food Co., Ltd.

Kyungjin was founded since 1998 and we are manufactury company. It is the first company in Korea to design and develop snack named ‘kkuiman’ using more than 80% of fish -meat natureal ingredientsWe have a trademark ‘kkuiman’. Our snack features a low calorie and savory flavor .these have been processed baking in the oven without […]

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Items: Reg ginseng Website: https://www.hong3.co.kr/  

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Items: Cosmetics Website: www.kowinbio.co.kr Our signature brand MESA line has been developed to help restore skin damaged by blazing light and heat of the sun. it also helps to make the skin healthy and leads to natural whitening eventually.