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Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. (LTTH) is a trusted manufacturer of dried fruits and nuts and other food products in Vietnam. We process dried jackfruit, dried mangoes, dried pomelo peel, dried passion fruit, dried oranges, dried coconut, dried guava, dried sweet potatoes, dried soursop, dried pineapple, dried apple with honey, and dried papaya. We also process dried and roasted sacha inchi nuts and their variants (sacha inchi nuts coated with coffee, sacha inchi nuts coated with coconut milk, sacha inchi nuts coated with chili garlic), roasted peanuts and their variants (peanuts coated with coconut milk, peanuts coated with chilli garlic), and roasted cashew nuts and their variants (cashew nuts coated with chocolate, cashew nuts coated with chili garlic).

LTTH was founded in 2013 by Prof. Dr. Thien Trung Le, a professor in Food Technology atNong Lam University – Ho Chi Minh. LTTH collaborates with the university and other academic partners to do research and product development and apply the results into industrial processing.

Vietnam is a tropical country and is well-known for its tropical fruits because of the weather and land conditions. Fresh fruits however are seasonal and do not have a long shelf-life thus it is difficult to reach consumers at far places. LTTH has a mission to process these valuable fruits and bring Vietnam’s agricultural and food products to the World. Its key principle of processing is ‘preserving the value of nature’. R & D on processing parameters and application of advanced technologies are essential to preserve the highest amounts of health-beneficial components naturally occurring in the raw materials.

Throughout the years, Le Trung Thien Co., Ltd. has been building its reputation and gaining trust from the consumers both locally and internationally. We bring good quality and high safety standards in each product and are determined to bring the highest satisfaction to our customers. Our products have been exported to other countries including several European countries, Australia, USA, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and others.

Whether you are an established and well-known company wishing to open new product categories or still at the first stage of opening your business, we can partner with you to bring quality products to the consumers and society.

Nong Lam Food is our own brand. Our products are distributed in almost all large supermarket chains and in many shops in Vietnam. They are also exported to a number of countries like the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, China and others. Many international travelers to Vietnam appreciate our products and it inspires us to export products more and more to different parts of the world.


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