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Korea has always been a favorite destination for many people around the world, especially Vietnam. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Korea is also a leading country in producing products that make consumers fall in love with. From design to quality, products from the land of kimchi bring good experiences for users.

Chungcheong is an area located in the center of South Korea, 2 hours from the capital of Seoul. Consisting of 4 provinces and cities, Chungcheong marks many historical monuments and unique cultural features of the former Silla, Baekje and Goguryo monarchs. With the historic breath and new wind of technology, the products created by the Chungcheong people always converge both traditional and modern.

Gongju Gongsanseong ancient citadel is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage

The ancient features of the excellent works of the old days …

… to the bustling streets of light and the era, all created an interesting Chungcheong!

With a strategy to focus on developing biotechnology and applying technology to life, Chungcheong is well known for its high-end cosmetics and functional foods. Products such as Vitdam folding water bottle  with environmentally friendly materials and space saving when carrying or drinks that support skin beauty, body detox, all will be found in K Venture .

Exhibition of high-end products in Chungcheong area, Korea will be held in the framework of the Vietnam International Premium Products Fair – VIPREMIUM 2019. The program takes place at the Saigon Exhibition – Convention Center (SECC) District 7, HCMC. Here, visitors can experience the products from Korea in general and the Chungcheong area in particular for free.

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